A letter from another satisfied hands on class attendee…

                  M96/97 Hands on engine rebuild class of 2018


As I fly home after a wonderful several days with you, and the rest of the class, I want to express my SINCERE appreciation, not only for what you shared with us in class, but for being the quality individuals that you are. Everyone did EVERYTHING possible to make sure we felt at home and got the most out of our time together. We run into so many people on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, that we forget that there are still hard working people that take the utmost pride in the work that they do. Thank you for allowing me to experience that, it has been a long time. That is how I run my business, but rarely find others that put forth the necessary effort maintain high standards. It is too easy to be second rate…….

Also, we were joking that this is “engine camp”.  Perfect description. We could have just as easily been learning about any “manly thing” (guns, hunting, fishing, or whatever), and it would have been a blast. Rarely do I take time to do something for myself, that I enjoy, for myself. I spend so much time providing for my family, customers, community, and those around me, that I forget to take some “me” time. This was the perfect reason, in the perfect environment, with the perfect group, to sneak away for a few days. I guess what I am saying, is that the experience was unique and could not have been gotten out of a book. I am sure that wasn’t the original mission, but that is the reality. It isn’t just about the M96/97.  It was a mechanical religious experience!!!

K. Friedel

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