01/15-18, 2020: M9X Engine Rebuild Class 102 (Hands-on)



In this class, held at Knowledge Gruppe Headquarters at a rural location in Georgia, the attendees pick up where the “101” online class left off. All attendees must have attended the M96/97 “101” class or the previous 16 hour Engine Mechanical Class with Jake Raby and Tony Callas. This class has evolved since its inaugural class in 2008 to include a total of 4 days of hands- on instruction with very little presentation/ lecture included. This class gets the attendees out of their seats and into the shop to disassemble and reassemble M96 & M97 engines. The dynamic duo of Raby and Callas are unleashed to instruct in their own unique ways; without formalities restricting the content or presentation. This makes for not only an informative class, but a truly entertaining experience!

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On the first day of the class the group of attendees will disassemble M96/97 engines, and learn the basics of component layout as they go. The remaining three days of the class are dedicated to engine assembly of an updated stock M96/97 engine and labs. The labs during this class are a great value as 3 mock engines are used for both 3 and 5 chain cam shaft timing, and wrist pin installation using different forms of factory, and Raby developed special tools.

The class is a fast paced learning experience with a real engine, real instructors, and real problem solving. Each morning the class will view presentations about the written methods of that day’s planned assembly and the in the afternoons everyone heads into the shop to assemble the engine. Though this class is “Rebuild School”, the attendees also learn a lot about disassembly and reassembly to support internal engine repair operations that are valuable for engines that don’t require a “rebuild”, but have experienced a mechanical malfunction.
Put simply, when attendees of this class return home, they possess the confidence and knowledge to assemble an M96/97 engine in its entirety; and many do this. This class, like all Knowledge Gruppe Hands-On classes leaves no one behind, as the instructors will help those with lesser experience understand the processes. This class typically has 3 instructors, so there’s plenty of assistance standing by to help bring attendees up to speed without slowing the class down.

Attendees will receive 36-40+ hours of real instruction on the topics of:

  • Special tool selection & use.
  • Machining, balancing, cleaning and preparing components for assembly.
  • What parts to replace, and not replace during a rebuild
  • Disassembling & reassembling an engine for repair purposes, rather than rebuild.
  • Torque specifications and tightening sequences
  • Cam timing on 3 and 5 chain engines (each attendee will set cam timing himself)
  • Piston installation using special tools and Raby procedures (each attendee will install pistons)
  • In depth information concerning cylinder heads, machining, and deficiencies of certain models
  • Complete engine disassembly and evaluation
  • Engine reassembly to complete a “long block” assembly
  • How to assemble a “leak free” engine using non factory sealants and procedures
  • Tons of “silver bullets” are given on the tricks of assembling an M96/97 engine



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As with all hands on classes, we must have a minimum of 10 sign ups in order to effectively hold the class.

If we do not get 10 sign ups the class will have to be cancelled.