12/18 2019: Engine Management & Diagnostics Class 101 (Online)

$399.00 – online registration only.

We have created this very informative class for the Porsche aftermarket industry but in a never released “hands-on” format.

The class explains all the Porsche scan tools and compares their secret capabilities. It also covers Porsche’s logic on the misfire and fuel trim systems – not just theory but how these systems actually work. Detailed coverage of Bosch engine management systems including the ME versions of 2.10, 5.2, 5.2.2, 7.2 and 7.8, comparing and explaining their differences. Cam timing affects engine management, so we will be covering our virtual checking process via a DSO Scope.

  • Scan tools comparison and what they cover (Hammer, PST2, PIWIS-1 & PIWIS-2)
  • Scan tool
  • Hands-on section
  • Explanation and theory of all Porsche fuel injection systems.
  • Camshaft deviation diagnosis utilizing a DSO scope.
  • Fuel trim diagnosis technique simplified
  • Fuel trim hands-on section
  • Misfire fault evaluation and diagnosis techniques
  • Diagnosis of all faults – where to find the information-GFF
  • Testing the AOS utilizing a manometer
  • Variable camshaft timing and lift systems
  • Explanation of all evaporative emissions systems
  • ORVR refueling system explained
  • ORVR hands-on section
  • Common-pattern failure items explained

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Limited seating available!

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*Payments allow one single log in, and one user to attend each class online. Shared accounts are not allowed, multiple users per payment are also not allowed. Each individual class attendee must pay the full class amount to attend any online class, just like hands on classes.*

* This class is a live and interactive webinar with Jake Raby and Tony Callas. The time for the class is 6PM-10PM EST  for a total of 4 hours instruction. You can view this class, choose to use a webcam, or call in for a teleconference during this class. No class is recorded.*

*All funds are collected upfront due to availability with no exceptions. Funds are non refundable/ non transferable so please schedule accordingly.*