03/12-13 2019: Cayenne Engine Rebuild Class 101 (Online)



* This two day class consists of two live and interactive webinars with Jake Raby and Tony Callas. The time for the classes is 6PM-10PM EST on each day for a total of 8 hours instruction. You can view this class online, choose to use a webcam, or call in for a teleconference during this class. No class is recorded.*

This class provides an understanding of problem areas with engine internals and even unique service directives that have never before been associated with a Porsche automobile. Attendees of this online class will benefit from the “first hand” content of this class and the photo documentation that Jake Raby and Tony Callas have gathered since they began working with the engines. With so many Porsche Sport Utility Vehicles completing their warranty periods every day, it is important for technicians and shop owners to understand the issues and challenges they will soon be presented with in their shops.

This class only covers content pertaining to the M48 V8 engine, it does not contain any information for the Cayenne V6 (VR6) engine.


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Attendees that complete these classes are pre-qualified for the Knowledge Gruppe LLC class “M48 102 Engine Rebuild School,” which is a 4 day, hands on learning experience. This class covers disassembly and reassembly to the “long block” stage of completion. Attendees of all Knowledge Gruppe Engine Rebuild Schools will acquire the necessary knowledge to complete an engine assembly in their own garage, or shop.

  • Cayenne M48 “101” highlights
  • Meet the M48
  • Unique M48 design points
  • Engine configuration and layout illustrated
  • Oil system function, PWM oil pump design & operation
  • Unique M48 service and maintenance procedures
  • Engine disassembly and reassembly
  • What wears, what doesn’t, and why
  • DFI integration and how it has impacted engine mechanicals, combustion chamber, piston and port designs.
  • Performance modifications