M96/97 Engine High Performance Rebuild Class 101 (Recorded Audio)


AUDIO RECORDING of  M96 101 High Performance Online Class. The audio file will be emailed to registered purchasers.

This unique class spills the beans on the black art of creating an updated, high performance version of an M96/97 Porsche engine.

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The content of this class can be comprehended by those who have not attended M96 101 (online or when offered in the classroom) or M96 102, but attendance of these two classes is highly encouraged for those who wish to net the maximum benefit of the content that’s provided.

Attendees will receive 8 hours of real instruction on the topics of:

  • M96/ M97 Performance basics
  • High performance cylinder heads
  • Performance lubrication
  • Hi- Performance shortblock configuration secrets
  • Cylinder and piston secrets
  • Understanding on-track oil system/engine failures
  • Intake To tailpipe/sub-system discussion
  • Understanding hi-performance camshafts
  • Intermediate shaft mods for hi-performance
  • Performance coatings- secrets and myths
  • Forced induction and the M96/ M97
  • Silver bullets!
  • Dyno tuning/understanding
  • Performance ECU tuning!