FOCUS ON: M9X Engine Assembly Workbook

Fresh off the press! Jake Raby’s Porsche M9X Engine Assembly Workbooks available now.

This book is designed to work in conjunction with the M9X Engine Assembly video series and
prior purchase of the DVD box set is required.
Coupled to Jake’s Torque Specification books, and 15- hour video series, these combine to make a full study system for the aspiring Porsche engine builder that wants to learn about the M96 and M97 engines used from 1997-2008 (Turbo, GT2 and GT3 engines are not included).
Professionals, and enthusiasts alike can benefit from this comprehensive multi- media learning experience derived from first- hand, direct experience.
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This workbook can only be added to an existing, or previous purchase of the Focus on: M9X Engine Assembly video series,

and is not available separately.

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This workbook coincides with, and serves as an illustrated transcript of the video series Focus On: M9X Engine Assembly by The Knowledge Gruppe. This supplemental workbook will guide professionals or enthusiasts to assemble an M9X engine, helping merge the step- by- step video assembly procedures with text descriptions and pertinent photos. Due to this workbook being a transcript of the video series, it should not be used as a sole resource material, and is therefore not available as an individual purchase.

This workbook can only be added to an existing, or previous purchase of the Focus on: M9X Engine Assembly video series.


. The M9X engine can be found in all Boxster, Cayman, or 911 models 1997 through 2008, with the exception of GT2, GT3 & Turbo 911 variants.

This book covers all stages of assembling both three and five-chain M9X long block engines, and includes directives on hand tools, special tools, sealants, and assembly lubricants. Engine disassembly, and ancillary component installation is not included within the resource materials found in the video series, or this workbook.

  • Crankshaft Carrier Assembly
  • Fitting Connecting Rods / Pistons / Cylinders
  • Cleaning And Prepping The Crankcase
  • Installing The Crankshaft Carrier
  • Preparing Pistons And Connecting Rods
  • Installing Rods And Pistons Into The Crankcase
  • Installing The Front Console And Components
  • Installing Oil Sump Components
  • Installing Cylinder Heads
  • Installing Valvetrain And Camshafts
  • Camshaft Timing Procedure
  • Head Covers & Long Block Finalization


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