Dates to be released: Used Oil Analysis – Online Class with Lake Speed Jr.

$199.00 – online registration only.

This 4 hour class will walk you through the science, processes and implementation of used oil analysis. Presented by master engine builder Jake Raby and certified lubrication specialist Lake Speed, Jr, this class provides everything you need to know to get the most out of your used oil analysis program, which enables the optimum life of your engines, transmissions and gear boxes.

We use GoToTraining software – classes available on desktop, mobile and via phone call. You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to join after signing up.

Limited seating available!


Why should you invest in used oil analysis? The answer begins with one word – prevention. The science of Predictive Maintenance relies on used oil analysis to detect problems while they are still small. Catching an issues before it becomes a catastrophic problem saves time, money and materials.

Because early detection is critical to optimizing the value of used oil analysis, understanding the methods and results of used oil analysis unlocks the true benefits of used oil analysis.

  • The science behind used oil analysis
  • Understanding the methods used to test the oil
  • What do the numbers represent
  • How to properly take a sample
  • The value of trend analysis
  • The secrets of used oil analysis
  • Reading the report
  • What to do with the information?
  • When should you panic?
  • Let’s read your report!



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